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Something to think on:

Belief in a cruel God makes a cruel man.
Thomas Paine

We rely on belief, for example we believe in gravity, that heavy objects falling omg on the foot will probably hurt. That the sun will rise tomorrow morning. Those are perhaps very realistic beliefs.

There are other beliefs I would like to believe ie: that when I go into a hospital I will get the help I need, that my hustband would never be unfaithful, (This one for sure)and that the new shoes I ordered from ebay are going to fit.

And then there are the beliefs that persist with a minimal scientific proof. The evidence of faith I call them. There is a God. There is a Creator. Magic is real.

Belief is powerful. There is a placebo effect that guarantees that if you give a group of subjects sugar pills and tell them they will help them loose weight, gain weight, or clear up their vision fifty per cent of the time it is going to happen. Never raise another above yourself you are important and in the scheme of the universe it is more important that you find your own path then than you allow yourself to be used for another to find theirs.

For belief to be an effective tool we have to, believe, we have to be able to basically know that Christ walked on water, or that the Bab stood in front of a firing squad, was not killed and in truth was found after in his cell, and alive. Christ actually healed with a touch and raised the dead.

Whether you wear a cross or a pentagram it makes no difference, you are in your heart one creature and belief is what super charges the soul and makes things, all things, possible. Corrie Ten Bloom walked across the floor guarded by Nazi's with guns and picked up her bible and walked back. Did they see her and just applaud the courage or did they see nothing as she moved into that precious dimension of "faith" across the floor and back.