Kamloops Psychic


This place, Kamloops, is home to a lot of energies; bad and good. The ability to feed into these energies and to pull out of them a solution or a path is the genre of the psychic. Being willing to see the future, how it connects with the past and present is actually not a simple thing. First if we consider the concept of time, there is a feeling that if you cast a spell today, and the effect you wanted happened yesterday then yes, you can still claim responsiblity. Or that, if time is short it can be stretched, so that one hour, extends to enough time perhaps to do six hours work. More simply if you are late for work, crossing a bridge walking and know that the usual walking time between there and work is approximately 20 minutes. YOu need to be there at 9 am and it is now 8:50 am. On the bridge you give a subtle command stop time, you quit looking at your watch, you walk forward and arrive at work at three minutes to nine. Did you watch stop? Did you walk faster? Doubtful.

Psychics see ages, they see lifetimes, they see dreams as though they are in them with you. Never doubt that the emergence of this knowledge is timed to be at a place and time that you needed the information. The psychic was only the notepad so to speak. A writing on the wall for she or he to see that creates an act, a statement, the fall of a card, the reversal of a rune. And do the spirits speak through psychics? yes, they do.

There is a growth that occurs with each reading. A synergy of energy that allows both participant and psychic a range to travel. It is not only the energy that the psychic brings but the energy of the querant, or client, that enlarges the range of participation. It is a paint brush that paints in the most vibrant, telling colors but a paint brush that requires the paint in order to create participation. When you leave your reading feeling more than you are. Feeling that life is going forward or has taken that quantum leap ahead, then God Bless, take that energy and run.


Readings are offered; in person in my Gypsy Accomodation, by phone or chat. Please no phone calls after 8 pm. Available for gatherings.